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January 8, 2024

Wondering where to find your next camping and caravanning event for 2024? Here’s our roundup of the upcoming 2024 caravan and camping shows.

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Caravanning Queensland

1- 3 March 2024 – Let’s Go Gold Coast Caravan & Outdoor Expo – Heritage Bank Stadium

4-9 June 2024- Let’s Go Queensland Caravan & Camping Supershow – Brisbane Showgrounds

Caravan & Camping NSW

2-4 February 2024- Newcastle Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo– Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showgrounds

16-21 April 2024 – NSW Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow – Rosehill Gardens Racecourse

12-14 July 2024- Illawarra Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo – Kembla Grange Racecourse

25-27 October 2024- Canberra Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo

Caravan Industry Victoria

21-25 February 2024- Victorian Caravan & Camping Supershow – Melbourne Showgrounds

23-25 August 2024- Border Caravan & Camping Leisurefest – Wodonga Racecourse

10 – 13 October 2024- Melbourne Caravan & Camping Leisurefest – TBD

22- 24 November 2024- Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest – Bendigo Racecourse

Caravan Industry Association WA

21- 24 March 2024 – Perth Caravan & Camping Show – Claremont Showground

21- 22 September 2024 – Busselton Caravan & Camping Shpw – Churchill Park

Caravan and Camping SA

14-18 February 2024 – Let’s Go SA Caravan Camping & Outdoor Show– TBD


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