Do you know the true weight of your rig?

January 10, 2023

This topic would be the most confusing aspect of Caravanning - well I think so!!

You’ve done your basics, matched the overall GVM weight of your caravan and tow rig with the super salesman and are ready to go… got your new caravan in the driveway and loading all but the kitchen sink, the kids and wife just keep bringing stuff out.

It’s so easy to overload both the tow rig and the caravan. Each tow rig has a Payload, what makes up this payload is a full tank of fuel, each of your passengers and their carry-on luggage, the big KickAss fridge with it’s contents and last but not least, the weight of the caravan’s tow hitch which is known as ‘Ball Weight’. So, depending on how well you have balanced your loading of the caravan has a big impact on what the Ball Weight becomes.

At Armadillo we suggest that you seek professional advice when it comes to weights – get your empty caravan and tow rig weighed, purchase a quality Tow Hitch Scale (around $100) and measure the weight of every item you load, let’s face it, none of us wants to become a statistic do we…

Take a look at this helpful link; Caravan Pre Trip Checklist – Caravanning Australia (

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, some frequently asked questions are as follows, if you don't find an answer, please contact us via email or phone:

Allroad are an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer and makes every effort to build the highest quality Off-Road RV’s and provide a 3-year warranty on the van chassis, all structural components and frame, and free replacement for other parts to the original owner…obviously, as one would accept, any man-made abuse is excluded.

We all start somewhere, some of us dip our feet and others dive right in. It often comes back to the size and type of tow rig we have that determines one’s limitations or some of us just want to keep it simple.

At Armadillo we are experiencing couples that have had the larger set-up now downsizing, some just because the family have flown the coop, others because they now have time to go to those out of the way spots, so the bigger van no longer suits.

We offer vans with just main beds and others with additional beds or fold-away bunks, so it is easy to take the grandies to some of those wonderful hideaways.

After sales service is everything, don’t know about you, I like to treat people the way I expect to be treated.

We have all pushed for more than what would be expected, sometimes it needs to be done.

At Armadillo we do have the luxury of ongoing support from our partner, whilst Allroad makes every effort to build the highest quality RV things can still go wrong, regardless, they provide a 3-year warranty on the van chassis and frame to the original owner, …obviously, as one would accept, any man-made abuse is excluded.