Hybrid Off Road Camper

The Qualities Of A Good Hybrid Off-Road Camper

August 17, 2023

Australia is known for some of the most stunning locations – the pictures of which raise an urge to visit and spend time. Even though they are stunning, some of these places are very isolated from the other better-connected tourist sites. They are not necessarily unreachable, though. Instead, they call for more preparation, more travel time, and occasionally, something that can tolerate deviating from the path. The greatest way to travel on the winding, dusty roads of Australia is with a Hybrid Off Road Camper.

What Characteristics Distinguish A Decent Hybrid Off-Road Camper?

Before a camper or caravan is deemed a “good Hybrid Off Road Camper,” it must check off several requirements. The major 4 are what we’ll pay attention to:

Effective Chassis and Drawbar

Hybrid Off Road Camper’s should feature stronger and visually larger versions of the chassis and drawbar than on-road RVs. The A-frame elements should also extend to the wheel sub-frame of the van.
The chassis and drawbar should be made of high-quality steel to further emphasize their strength. Furthermore, you would want them hot-dip galvanized to enhance protection and endurance over time. Finally, when utilized off-road, they must still be covered by the manufacturers guarantee.

Comfort versus Weight

All of us desire luxury, yet Hybrid Off Road Camper s occasionally demands a price we cannot bear. We are discussing practicality rather than money. When a caravan is equipped with opulent but superfluous additions, it weighs more overall and is consequently heavier. Depending on the amount of excess weight, a caravan handles off-road conditions worse when it is “overweight.”
Therefore, take into account the weight of the caravan and the performance it may compromise when thinking about features like ensuites, spacious indoor kitchen, major appliances, etc.

All-Terrain Tires

The tires on a Hybrid Off Road Camper are physically larger than those on an on-road caravan. Light truck tyres (LTT) are the most often utilized tyres. These are advantageous since they lower the possibility of punctures. All-terrain tyres are your best bet. They might not be necessary if the terrain you’re traveling on is soft or if you’re walking through mud.
All-terrain tyres are ideal for rough roads but do increase the weight of your caravan overall and the amount of fuel used when towing.

Off-Road Suspension

Off-road suspensions are a given for a Hybrid Off Road Camper. These are what make it possible for a vehicle to travel across difficult and uneven terrain. You would want independent suspensions with coil springs and top-notch shock absorbers to guarantee a comfortable off-road adventure. These lessen the possibility of harm from unpaved surfaces.

A full-Hybrid Off Road Camper is constructed more robustly to resist arduous and demanding treks across challenging Australian terrain. These caravans often have a sturdy frame, distinctive suspension, improved shock absorbers, and premium brakes. When traveling on open highways, where the going is sure to get tough and calls for a caravan with greater tenacity, this is the kind of caravan you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, some frequently asked questions are as follows, if you don't find an answer, please contact us via email or phone:

Allroad are an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer and makes every effort to build the highest quality Off-Road RV’s and provide a 3-year warranty on the van chassis, all structural components and frame, and free replacement for other parts to the original owner…obviously, as one would accept, any man-made abuse is excluded.

We all start somewhere, some of us dip our feet and others dive right in. It often comes back to the size and type of tow rig we have that determines one’s limitations or some of us just want to keep it simple.

At Armadillo we are experiencing couples that have had the larger set-up now downsizing, some just because the family have flown the coop, others because they now have time to go to those out of the way spots, so the bigger van no longer suits.

We offer vans with just main beds and others with additional beds or fold-away bunks, so it is easy to take the grandies to some of those wonderful hideaways.

After sales service is everything, don’t know about you, I like to treat people the way I expect to be treated.

We have all pushed for more than what would be expected, sometimes it needs to be done.

At Armadillo we do have the luxury of ongoing support from our partner, whilst Allroad makes every effort to build the highest quality RV things can still go wrong, regardless, they provide a 3-year warranty on the van chassis and frame to the original owner, …obviously, as one would accept, any man-made abuse is excluded.