The Simple Towing Checklist for Hybrid Off-Road Caravans

May 8, 2023

There are several safety considerations you need to make before you leave, regardless of whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is your first time towing a Hybrid Off-road Caravan. Here is a quick checklist you can use before heading out on your next adventure. This quick checklist helps ensure that you have a safe trip while towing your Hybrid Off-road Caravan. To help guarantee you have a safe trip, make sure your Hybrid Off-road Caravan is packed securely and that all brakes, lights, and connectors are in working order.

The Hybrid Off-road Caravan Connections Should Be Secured

Making sure the van is securely attached to the Hybrid Off-road Caravans is therefore one of the most crucial aspects. Ensure that your two shackles are securely linked, that your trailer plug is turned on and that your breakaway wire is attached to the vehicle.

Close and Clip The Boot Hatches and External Covers

Ensure that all of your boot hatches and external covers are properly closed and fastened. Therefore, be sure to clip them in and confirm that they are secure enough for travel.

Twist and Fasten The Legs

Okay, it’s really simple to overlook things like pulling your leg up. But before you travel, make sure you walk about, look at everything, wind your legs up, and fasten the legs.

Tighten Wheel-nuts and Check Tyre Pressure

Before every journey, make sure to check your wheel-nuts to make sure you’re prepared for travel. Test tyre pressure’s. To find out how high you need to have your tire’s pressure before travelling, check with the tyre manufacturer. Tyre pressure is quite crucial for travel as well.

Correctly Load The Hybrid Off-road Caravan

Therefore, how you load your Hybrid Off-road Caravan is important to ensure that your towing experience is great and that you are not swaying all over the road. Make sure the weight is spread equally throughout the van, avoid placing it in the rear of your Hybrid Off-road Caravan, if anything, store it over your axles. If you overload the rear, you’ll tend to get sway as you tow, which can be dangerous for both you and other road users.

Lock Knobs On Awning Braces

You’ve mastered the storage and setup of your awing by this point. Before travelling, one of the most crucial things that everyone forgets to do is to tighten the brace knobs. Make sure you tighten them up so they can’t come loose while you travel.

Turn Off The Gas Bottles

Make sure to turn off your gas bottles before you travel—this one might seem obvious.

Safety Within The Vehicle

Before you leave on your trip be sure that the microwave plate is securely wrapped in a tea-towel, the cook hob lid is down, the refrigerator door is locked and secure, and all drawers and cabinets are securely closed.  make sure to take your TV out and store it securely. Additionally, when you travel with the actual roof hatches are closed and the windows are securely closed with latches, also, be sure all external hatches, boots tool-boxes and of course the entry door is key locked.

Reverse The Antenna

Okay, let’s move on to another very crucial tip: make sure the antenna is down before you leave. Just wind it down until there is no more movement left.

Examine The Water And Battery Levels

Verify that you have the right amount of water and battery power for your journey. Before your departure, it’s just as crucial that we turn off the battery switch. We do this to keep the loads separate from the battery so that you can use solar or a car to get charged but won’t drain the batteries while you’re driving.

Check That The Lights Are On

Before you go, ensure sure the lights, brakes and indicators are all in working order and that your caravan plugs are connected properly.

Clean The Bathroom

When you’ve finished your stay and are prepared to return home or continue your journey, be sure to empty the toilet at the designated dump point before you leave.

A multitude of pre-trip checkups on your Hybrid Off-road Caravan can lessen the likelihood that any nasty small issue will surface during a caravanning vacation. As you perfect your pre-travel procedures with each trip you take, your checklist will become more tailored.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We all start somewhere, some of us dip our feet and others dive right in. It often comes back to the size and type of tow rig we have that determines one’s limitations or some of us just want to keep it simple.

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We have all pushed for more than what would be expected, sometimes it needs to be done.

At Armadillo we do have the luxury of ongoing support from our partner, whilst Allroad makes every effort to build the highest quality RV things can still go wrong, regardless, they provide a 3-year warranty on the van chassis and frame to the original owner, …obviously, as one would accept, any man-made abuse is excluded.